Wireless Products

Bed Pad & Pager System

Our weight sensing bed pad to pager system alerts caregivers when they are getting out of bed.


Call Button Systems

Our Call Button & Pager System pairs with most other wireless components. While our Basic Call Button System does not but is a great affordable option.


Chair Pad & Pager System

Our pressure sensing chair pad alerts your caregiver pager when your loved one is getting up.



Floor Mat & Pager Systems

Our pressure sensing floor mats can be placed alongside their bed or around the house to alert you when they are getting up or on the move.


Supporting Caregivers for over 25 years

Smart Caregiver Alert Systems

Prevent falls and wandering with our our professional grade products proven to reduce stress in caregivers and support at home care.



Chair System

Pressure Sensing Chair Pads + Pager

Build Your Own System

Multiple Sensors + Pager


Bed System

Pressure Sensing Bed Pads + Pager

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Caregiver Freedom

Wireless Caregiver Paging Systems

Our caregiver pagers allow you to carry on with your daily activities around the house knowing you will automatically be alerted if your loved one needs assistance.

Wireless vs. Corded Benefits

Allows the caregiver to be alerted when assistance is needed while working around the house.

The caregiver needs to be within earshot of the person they are caring for because the alerts will happen on a device right next to them.


Home Monitoring Systems

Sleep sound knowing you will be alerted when you're loved one needs assistance day or night. We recommend building a custom system that fits your needs, or experience piece of mind with a pre-built system.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

We have assisted tens of thousands of at-home and professional caregivers with our exceptional products and customer service.

“Works great. My wife has Alzheimer’s and I need to know when she gets out of bed. She sleeps 18 hours a day so I need to carry the chime/pager with me around the house and out in the yard.”

Richard K.

Home Caregiver - Spouse

“Just what I was looking for!  My husband is recovering from a stroke.  Easy to use and peace of mind when I am away from my husband’s room.”

Amelia T.

Home Caregiver - Spouse

“Again, I would like to praise the SMART elopement system in HCC – it is working CONSISTENTLY and allowing us to better prevent elopement by redirecting residents away from the doors as we are alerted as they approach the exit doors very early on. Great system for the new skilled 16!”

Kristen W.

Professional Caregiver

“This is EXACTLY what we were looking for! It is perfect for monitoring both my parents at night.”

Tracy B.

Home Caregiver - Daughter

“Very happy with the product.  I use it under my 87 yr. old mother who has been challenged by a stroke and can no longer walk.  It is security for me if I am in another room and she tries to exit the bed.”

Philip C.

Home Caregiver - Son

“I have purchased several of these for our assisted living homes they are great.”

Nancy R.

Professional Caregiver


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